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Buddy Holly StoryMary Lou/Vi u/sCharlottetown FestivalA. Allan/S. Thomas
Buddy Holly StoryMary Lou/Jingle SingerStage West CalgaryJan A. Smith/J.Bryant
Hansel and GretelStepmommy DearestPort Hope Festival TheatreU.Meyer/S.Tanner
Buddy Holly StoryShirley/Mary LouPort Hope Festival TheatreU.Meyer/SWhite
Queen of the MistAnnie TaylorSMILE TheatreT.Carson/W.Gwillim
FireweedsMrs. MeadowsWorkshopJ.Betts/K.Pluta
Step UpMs. WardStageKidsH.Braaten/K.Pluta
White Christmas RevueFeatured SoloistCarmen’sD.Dayler
Wise Talkin’ ForestMaster OwlBathurst St. TheatreR.Saracino/M.Windle
Jane Mallet TributeFeatured SoloistSt.Lawrence Ctr.L.Westlake
Stage Door CanteenPrincipalCarmen’sD.Dayler
Savage/LovePrincipalRedhanded F&TR.Saracino/M.Windle
King DavidEnsembleKahina Prod.E.Bitton
Mystery of Edwin DroodBazzardRAPAC.Brauer/J.Huard
Pirates of PenzanceEnsembleQMTC.Bond/M.Morris
I AMDivinityQueen’s Student OperaR.Beckett

Film & Television

Working In HatStudentMonster TheatreR.Gladstone
From A Place Called WarBG VocalsNorthern LightsJ.Wyse


Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts (Diploma, Triple Threat)
Queen’s University (BMUS, Voice Performance)

Rosanna Saracino, Darlene Spencer, Melanie Windle, Denise Norman, Richard McKenna (film), Peter Van Wart (Shakespeare), Daniel Levinson (combat)

Susan Eichhorn Young, Gail Hakala, Diane Lewarne, Jeffrey Huard, Robert Longo, Carol-Lynn Reifel, Eleanor Calbes

Ballet – Tanya Findlay, Candace Helm
Jazz – Siona Jackson, Lea Creswell
Tap – Shawn Byfield, Jessica Westerman, Natalie Langlois

Special Skills

  • Piano accompanist, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, recorder, veena, accordion, conducting, transposition &  arranging
  • Excellent sight reading & choral skills
  • Performs music from Medieval & Renaissance eras
  • Ability to sing in French, German, Italian, Swedish & Latin
  • Working with children with special needs
  • Performed with ‘The Lingonberries’-a cappella Swedish folk music
  • Performed with ‘Skylark’ – vocal trio specializing in jazz/big band
  • Driver’s License