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“From the moment you walk in the room, Marnie provides a professional working atmosphere while simultaneously making you feel comfortable and at home. I have never felt so at ease making mistakes and being completely vulnerable while singing. Her depth of knowledge, paired with her own undeniable talent in singing and piano accompaniment allowed me to develop my voice into the instrument it is today. Marnie was the first person to encourage me to embrace the full spectrum of my voice. Though I traditionally was obsessed with making sure my voice sounded “good”, Marnie opened my eyes to the idea of “sounding ugly”; letting a character dictate and influence how I sing a song. You don’t always have to sounds pretty!

I am constantly recommending her to my Toronto friends, and would urge anyone looking to advance their vocal interpretation and technique to seek her out. I really do have her to thank for my successes in Musical Theatre!”
-Rosie C., Actor

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“I’ve had the pleasure of learning under Marnie Kersten for over eight years, and through that time she helped my voice develop and grow in a healthy natural way. Marnie is a very approachable teacher who encourages a well-rounded voice and teaches all musical genres. Her accompanying skills on the piano are unmatched; and she has the skill to read unfamiliar music while providing detailed and immediate vocal feedback. An expert in musical theatre, she helped train me in the art of musical story telling, and making my performances meaningful to both myself and listening audience members. If you ever have the honour of learning from Marnie, you will not be disappointed. She’s the best of the best!”
-Shannon T., Music Teacher

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“Marnie is an incredible vocal coach, she inspires and pushes all her students to be the very best. Personally going to see her was always the highlight of my week. Marnie is more than just a teacher; she was a friend, a mentor, and one of the best people I know.”
-Tom I., Law Student, Carleton University

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“I studied vocal music with Marnie for a total of 4 years while in high school. When I started with her, I was a 14-year-old who liked to sing but after 4 years of training with Marnie, I was a musician. The skills and vocal technique that Marnie taught me have afforded me so many incredible opportunities. With her guidance I was accepted into Cawthra Park Secondary School’s vocal music program, where I graduated with honors. I competed in and successfully placed in multiple performance competitions and in university I landed the lead role in the schools production of Legally Blonde the Musical. Many of my personal successes and moments of pride and confidence are directly a result of my vocal training with Marnie.

In addition to shaping my voice and my performance ability, Marnie developed my love and passion for music and live performance, a love which has driven me to pursue a career in the arts. I wholeheartedly believe in the value of music education and exposure to high quality musical performance, which is why I now work as a fundraiser and event planner for the Canadian Opera Company. Yes, training with Marnie made me a good singer but it also made me confident and passionate and it gave me a sense of direction in life and that truly is invaluable, as I will carry those qualities with me for the rest of my life.

And just because I am not singing for a living doesn’t mean I’m no longer singing. Now I sing with not one but two auditioned young adult choirs in the GTA. This year I will be performing with the TSO at Roy Thomson Hall and working with world-renowned composer Ola Gjelio. Again, incredible opportunities that are without a doubt a result of my years of vocal training with Marnie.

Thank you so much, Marnie, for everything.”

-Alex F., former student

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Marnie Kersten sings a hilarious Star Spangled Banner, with equally hilarious dance routines from her backup group. (Review of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story)

-Port Hope Evening Guide

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Believe me, the Star Spangled Banner, sung by the Statue of Liberty (Marnie Kersten) playing an accordion with back-up singers, was worth the price of admission. It was hilarious. (Review of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story)
The Forsyth Review

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We first heard the duo of Kersten & MacLean at a young peoples’ concert in Bronte’s Walton Church and instinctively felt that they had a future in music – we weren’t wrong. Their polish and sophistication gave depth to an interpretation of ‘Til We Meet Again’ . (Review of Clarkson Community Concerts)

Terry Gaisin, Halton Arts Review